Regenerative Medicine

Amniotic tissue:

This is donated tissue from cesarian section from women volunteers. The amniotic side of the placenta (baby side) is taken and flash frozen. There is no chorion(mom’s side) of the placenta in this product so no chance of antibodies. In the past 50-100 years there has been no incidences of any adverse reactions to treatment with amniotic tissue.

This tissue is flown in overnight, and when ready, thawed and injected into the affected area to help with advanced healing and repair.

Bone Marrow Aspirate:

We harvest blood and tissue from the bone marrow at the iliac crest. This bone marrow has growth factors, healing properties and concentrated pluripotent cells (stem-like cells) which further contribute to the regenerative process achieved with PRP. This is an outpatient procedure that is done usually with light sedation, although not always necessary. The bone marrow can be reinjected into joints, discs and epidural space.

Adipose derived stem cell:

Adipose is an abundant source of adult stem cells. They have the ability to differentiate along multiple regenerative pathways. This can be used in combination with PRP, this can also be used for joints, facial rejuvenation, and hair loss treatments. These are usually taken from the flank or abdominal area under light sedation.

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