Hormone Pellet Therapy

Once you reach 30 years old, most people produce start to produce 3-10% less hormones each year. When our hormones start to decline, we feel sluggish, gain weight, and suffer from brain fog, however Hormone Pellet Therapy is a natural solution that can provide symptom relief. Hormone pellets are derived from plants and are a form of biogenetical hormones, meaning they are naturally-based and structurally identical to the hormones produced by the human body.

Hormone pellets are currently available for two types of hormone therapy – testosterone and estradiol. Each pellet is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted into an incision made to the upper hip area during a simple, in-office procedure. The body slowly begins to metabolize the pellet, releasing a steady, natural dose of hormones—much like the body does under normal function—over the course of three to six months. The duration depends on how quickly the body metabolizes the pellet.

Patients have reported the following benefits usingHormone Pellet Therapy:

  • Increased mental clarity
  • Greater ability to lose weight
  • Feeling younger and happier
  • Improved energy
  • Boosted muscle strength

If you’re experiencing symptoms from hormone imbalance, Regenerative Sports, Spine & Spa willdevelop a specific and personalized treatment plan to balance your hormones and return you to optimum health and wellness – and feeling like yourself again.If your symptoms which haven’t responded to previous treatments, please contact our office today to learn more about Hormone Pellet Therapy, which has proven to bring relief to those suffering from a hormone imbalance.

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At Regenerative Sports, Spine & Spa, our goal and passion is to get people back to their lives, whether they are derailed by injury, they are not feeling like themselves, or if the natural aging process has slowed them down. We help our clients get back to work, sports, daily activities and beauty, so they can enjoy their lives again.

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