If you’re experiencing disabling lower back pain, groin pain, hip pain or leg pain, despite extensive treatment to diagnose and relieve the cause of your pain, then a Discogram may be needed to further evaluate your treatment options. The first step in alleviating debilitating pain is discovering precisely where the disc pain is originating from, and a Discogram does just that.

A Discogram is a procedure that can help diagnose which disc or discs are causing a patient’s pain. Generally, the most likely affected three (3) discs are inserted with needles under fluoroscopy and then injected with dye to see the morphology of the disc and to elicit pain if the disc is the cause of it. The procedure should not last more than an hour.

At Regenerative Sports, Spine & Spa – Orthopedic Specialist, our goal is to develop a specific and personalized treatment plan to relieve your back pain, and get you back on the road to optimum health and wellness. If you’re suffering from back pain that hasn’t responded to previous treatments, please contact our offices today to learn more about our non-surgical treatment options including a Discogram, which can be the first step in relieving your chronic pain.

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At Regenerative Sports, Spine & Spa, our goal and passion is to get people back to their lives, whether they are derailed by injury, they are not feeling like themselves, or if the natural aging process has slowed them down. We help our clients get back to work, sports, daily activities and beauty, so they can enjoy their lives again.

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