Medical Branch Blocks

Facet joints in the spine can become inflamed and cause pain from certain injuries or arthritic conditions. A medical branch block is an injection of strong local anesthetic to the medical branch nerves that supply the facet joints. It’s designed as a diagnostic test to determine if another procedure is needed.

If a medical branch block brings you significant pain relief for a short period of time, then we would follow with a radiofrequecy nerve ablation, which we also perform at Regenerative Sports, Spine and Spa, to obtain lasting pain relief.

Our goal at Regenerative Sports, Spine and Spa is to get our patients back on the road to optimum health and wellness. If you are experiencing chronic pain in your lower back, then please contact our office to schedule a personal and private consultation to discuss if a medical branch block could bring you relief. We look forward to developing a treatment plan that is specific to your needs.

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At Regenerative Sports, Spine & Spa, our goal and passion is to get people back to their lives, whether they are derailed by injury, they are not feeling like themselves, or if the natural aging process has slowed them down. We help our clients get back to work, sports, daily activities and beauty, so they can enjoy their lives again.

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